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RCMP seize marijuana and $35K cash from Igloolik home

Three people have been arrested in Igloolik, Nunavut, after RCMP seized more than 400 grams of marijuana and $35,000 cash from a home in the community.

read more at CBC North - posted 22 May 2015

'Work to be done:' Deputy minister responds to N.W.T. jail report

Territorial deputy minister of Justice Sylvia Haener spoke with The Trailbreaker's Loren McGinnis about the auditor general's report on the N.W.T. corrections system, defending her department and pointing out areas of concern.

read more at CBC North - posted 22 May 2015

After not hiring Inuit officer for 8 years, RCMP plan recruitment program

An ambitious program aimed at Nunavut high school graduates aims to recruit more Inuit police officers to the RCMP, but program organizers are facing an uphill battle to gain interest in the profession.

read more at CBC North - posted 22 May 2015

2 cases of whooping cough reported in Yukon: What to watch for

After two unrelated whooping cough were recently reported in the Yukon, Dr. Brendan Hanley is advising residents to watch out for symptoms, saying that 'it seems that we have a relatively susceptible population.'

read more at CBC North - posted 22 May 2015

Big band brings big sound to birthday bash

Bartha Hartman-Stehelin was brimming with confidence when she auditioned to be the vocalist for a nameless big band in Whitehorse 25 years ago.

read more at Yukon News - posted 20 May 2015

Four wildfires caused by reckless burning

Carelessness caused four forest fires over the Victoria Day weekend, prompting fears for the rest of the summer as high temperatures are forecasted for the next weeks.

read more at Yukon News - posted 20 May 2015

Highway widening plans too car-centric: city, cyclists

The Yukon government's plan to widen the Alaska Highway to four lanes through much of Whitehorse is out of sync with the city's transportation goals, says Mayor Dan Curtis.

read more at Yukon News - posted 20 May 2015

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