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We have many exciting developments in store for the site which will enable you to keep in touch with your community at all levels. We are striving to make this your one-stop information portal about all things Yukon. We will be adding many more pages to our site - we soon wish to have an opinion page with the topic of the day, easy ways to find our talented artists, restaurant listings, service providers, pet listings... you get the idea!! We welcome any suggestions you may have - contact us at yukontrader@yukontrader.com. Take advantage of our free photograph uploads while we work on the site. Thanks!

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Iqaluit 2015 budget could mean property tax hikes

‘Let's be realistic,’ said acting chief administrative officer John Mabberi-Mudonyi during budget talks on Saturday. ‘We can't afford to buy a new garbage truck. We can't afford to buy a new dump truck.’

read more at CBC North - posted 22 Dec 2014

What went wrong with Nutrition North food subsidy program?

For years, northerners have complained about Nutrition North to anyone who would listen, grumbling that the $60M annual federal food subsidy was doing little to ease their staggering grocery costs. No one, it seemed,...

read more at CBC North - posted 21 Dec 2014

After 60 years, Hay River cuts ties with Northland Utilities

After more than 60 years doing business together, Hay River, N.W.T., is not renewing its franchise agreement with Northlands Utilities to distribute power in the town. The mayor says it’s an issue of cost, not service.

read more at CBC North - posted 21 Dec 2014

Deline, RCMP partner to enforce booze rules over Christmas

In Deline, N.W.T., RCMP are working with the Deline First Nation to reduce the amount of alcohol and illicit drugs entering the community over this holiday season, a news release says.

read more at CBC North - posted 21 Dec 2014

Aboriginal groups take on ending violence

Like a lot of people, Marian Horne remembers playing "Cowboys and Indians" when she was young. "Nobody wanted to be the Indian because we knew they were all killed all the time," she said.

read more at Yukon News - posted 19 Dec 2014

Pregnancy and parenting: there’s a Yukon app for that

Whether you have a bun in the oven or you're chasing after a crawling toddler, you'll soon be able to download an all-encompassing app designed to help Yukoners have healthy children.

read more at Yukon News - posted 19 Dec 2014

Costs rise to rebuild F.H. Collins Secondary

The Yukon government isn't counting the cost of necessary renovations to the F.H. Collins tech and trades wing in its budget for the school reconstruction project.

read more at Yukon News - posted 19 Dec 2014

Meet the Yukon Ski Team’s wax wizard

Forty-eight hours before the first Haywood NorAm cross-country races of the season, Alain Masson, head coach of the Yukon Ski Team, was sure the event would be cancelled.

read more at Yukon News - posted 19 Dec 2014

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